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Santa Maria Pirates

Santa Maria Pirate Crew

The Santa Maria de Colombo is also widely known as Madeira´s Pirate boat and for good reason. With the looks of a crew like this one it is not hard to understand why. This experienced crew, together with the two parrots and Colombo the boats dog, will help make this ancient journey of Culumbo a fun and very entertaining trip.


João is Santa Maria´s captain and can be found behind the helm, steering the boat along its course.

João Silva

João is one of sailors who is a true pirate by nature. You will normally find him around the boat doing all sort of chores.


Geraldo is another pirate by nature. Always with a smile and is the boats second captain. He is also the man to speak too, regarding all the information about the boat.

Sergio Silva

Sergio is the boats youngest crew member and like a true pirate does not say very much.


Luis has been part of the crew since the start of Santa Maria´s journeys in Madeira. He in fact helped build the boat. He is the boats entertainer and you will find him in the bar serving drinks.


Mericia can be found at the Santa Maria kiosk in the marina. Always with a friendly smile, she will help you book your trips. Maricia speaks Portuguese, Spanish, English, German and French.


Ina works alongside Mericia at the Santa Maria Kiosk in the marina. This friendly girl can speak Portuguese, English, French, Italian, Russian and Romenian.


You will find Mecia in the kiosk by the harbour next to where the Santa Maria sets sail from. Mecia has been with the company since its start and she can speak Portuguese, Spanish, Dutch, English, French and German.
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